Fine Arts Instructional Facility Approved for Construction

From the Campus Lantern: May 2, 2013

On the week of April 8th, 2013, the Fine Arts Department at Eastern Connecticut State University acquired the funding to build the new Fine Arts Instructional Facility. Construction will begin during the Summer of 2013 with the ground breaking of the student center parking lot.

According to Music at Eastern’s monthly newsletter, in their first issue for the 2013-2014 year, the new facility features up-to-date facilities including a recital hall, soundproof practice rooms, teaching studios, and other public facilities for students, performing arts and music majors, and faculty. The fifth issue, released in early April, confirms the building’s approval for construction, providing a projected finished date.

“The Department of Performing Arts (Music and Theater) as well as the Department of Visual Arts will move into their new home in the center of campus in time for the start of the Fall 2015 semester,” Reads the newsletter’s fifth issue opener.

Sketches of the new building, from the Music at Eastern Facebook page show that the finished product houses two major entrances; one on High Street, and the other next to the Student Center. By replacing the Student Center parking lot, the building centralizes the performing arts onto the main campus to increase their presence on campus.

Later sketches, added to the Music at Eastern Facebook on April 12th show further what the building looks. While the previous sketches, showed what the entrances looked like, the latest batch focuses on the entrance from High Street, highlighting the lobby and a portion of the auditorium.

Students and faculty look forward to the new Fine Arts Instructional Facility for the new opportunities it offers.

Renae St. John, a student at Eastern Connecticut State University, explains that the new performing arts center is a necessity to move forward alongside the trends in drama and music.

“Shafer is outdated and in order for the Performing Arts department to truly grow it needs up to date equipment: sophisticated light and sound systems as well as musical instruments, actual soundproof practice rooms, and other technologies that were once unavailable to students,” Renae St. John said.

Dr. Jeff Calissi, Chair of the Performing Arts Department’s music program, eagerly anticipates the construction of the building.

“The building will house expanded room size in a state of the art facility, which will have a profound effect on the instruction and creation of music. We anxiously await the time when we are able to capitalize on such limitless possibilities,” Dr. Calissi said.

Whether for the further recognition of the arts on campus or for the expanded opportunities for students and faculty alike, the new Fine Arts Instructional Facility will place the arts “center stage” on the main campus.


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