Akus Gallery Exhibition Showcases the Artwork of Lizbeth Anderson

From the Campus Lantern: February 7, 2013

On Thursday, January 31st, the Akus Gallery in Shafer Hall held their second reception for an exhibition titled Virtue and Vice: The World of Lizbeth Anderson. This exhibition, which runs through February 28, showcases the work of artist Lizbeth Anderson, who specializes in encaustic and mixed-media artwork.

“The pieces in this exhibition are from twelve years ago to present,” Lizbeth Anderson said.

Some of her artwork specializes in incorporating elements of the human body. The combination pieces, Lady Luck and The Brains Behind the Operation, are examples, where the anatomical and personal characteristics of the human body are laid out similar to a surgeon’s table. To emphasize the meaning, the latter work features an antique letter written by a med student referring to the anatomist, Henry Gray, author of the textbook Gray’s Anatomy.

“The body has always been a playground for scientists,” Anderson said.

Another work integrating those elements is One, a mixed-media work that paints the body into a spiritual context. Symbols of various religions, such as the Star of David and the all-seeing eye lining the top of the piece, reflect the integration of body and spirit in the artwork.

Students viewed those works and others as they explored the exhibition. Some looked for the continuity in Anderson’s artwork pertaining to the human body. Others were interested in the techniques used in her artwork, from the encaustic paintings to the beeswax collage works.

Ashley Apuzzo, a student at Eastern Connecticut State University, considered both the techniques and the continuity in Anderson’s artwork. She liked Triptych II, a work that utilizes the beeswax collage and highlights the heart in the center canvas.

“I love the shadings and symbols of this piece,” Ashley Apuzzo said.

Aside from the mentioned artwork, other notable pieces include silkscreen prints Caduceus and transubstantiation, and Things are not as they seem… The latter artwork is a combination of the beeswax collage, glass, and found objects.

In Anderson’s beeswax collages she incorporates both techniques of traditional encaustic painting with a more physical layering of the beeswax. She favors working with wax in both ways.

“It made me fall in love with art again,” Anderson said.

While the exhibition itself continues until the end of February, you can view more of Anderson’s artwork at her website here: http://www.lizbethanderson.net.

The Akus Gallery’s next exhibition, Motherhood to Mother-Goddess: Transcendence from Self to Absolute, runs from March 14, 2013 –April 25, 2013 with the reception to be announced.


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