Holiday Guide 2012: Books

From the Campus Lantern: December 6, 2012

With the holidays coming up, many will be shopping for friends and family. Unsure as to what to get them? Here, I present you a holiday shopping guide for the reader in your life.

The books selected here give a good variety, from a short story collection to a tribute to Jane Austen. Whoever the reader is in your life, this list will alleviate the stress of finding the right book.

Year of Stories 2012 (Tim Sevenhuysen): Author of anthologies Feel-Good and Living and Dying, Tim Sevenhuysen has been working on a story every week in 2012. While he stopped in June due to work commitments, the resulting anthologies, Discovery and Becoming, are not a disappointment. His writing experience, especially coming from the first story in Discovery, playing on new findings in deep space with a comedic approach, his stories take the reader on a journey through science fiction and fantasy, both light and dark. You can find Discovery and Becoming, along with the Year of Stories for each month, on Sevenhuysen’s website:

Pride, Prejudice, and Curling Rocks (Andrea Brokaw): Self-published author, Andrea Brokaw, debuts with her first novel; a tribute to Jane Austen. Centered around Darcy Bennett, Pride, Prejudice, and Curling Rocks deals with her senior year dramas, from curling, romance, and even friendship. Even as a romance novel, it manages to keep the story fresh with the twists and turns throughout Darcy’s senior year.

Jayne S of the blog “Dear Author: A Romance Review Blog for Readers by Readers” thinks that the social context of the setting make it a neat tribute to Austen’s novel. “I wonder how Jane Austen would feel about lesbian characters in a modern interpretation of her book. I thought it was genius.” Jayne S said.

Pride, Prejudice, and Curling Rocks is available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and through the author’s website:

Ready Player One (Earnest Cline): With the release of the paperback edition in June, there is no time like now to give Ready Player One a read. Following Wade Watts and his journey through the online gaming world OASIS, Earnest Cline’s debut novel is riddled with 80’s references galore. However, these references are integral to the overall storyline, especially inside OASIS as Watts competes to uncover the online world’s Easter egg set by its creator, James Halliday.

The books setting outside OASIS takes place within a dystopian future giving the search for the Easter egg more meaning. Considering Watts’s trailer home, stacked onto of many others like some sort of apartment complex, it drew me into his journey and ultimately his character.

If your friends or family are familiar with 80s culture or grew up then, they will definitely have a blast reading this. If not, they will be captivated by Watts and his friends as they compete for Halliday’s Easter egg.

Ready Player One is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can also find it in your local bookstore.


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